In the first two weeks of the 2024 Drew League season, one of the standout teams so far has been West Coast Elite. The fast-running young team is 2-0 after defeating Cititeam Blazers on Saturday, 88-77. 6’7 guard Deshawndre Washington was an all-around factor in both wins, but stepped up his scoring tremendously in the second game, putting up 34 points in addition to his 5 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 blocks. 

That’s after dishing 6 assists in week 1 while contributing 4 steals and 10 points. The fact that he’s been the team’s assist leader in both games so far underlines his importance to a run’n’gun offense that sees teammates Elvin and Luis Rodriguez slinging well over 10 shots apiece in both games. That Elvin was perfect from inside the arc, making all 8 of his field goal attempts is a testament to Washington’s contributions, even when he isn’t setting the high mark for the weekend. 

His playmaking will be key to West Coast Elite’s showing in this truncated season. The teams that succeed at the Drew aren’t always the biggest or the best-shooting; it’s usually the ones that play together on both ends, sharing the ball, and getting those ever-important stops. Deshawndre excels at both, which frees up the shooters to shoot. If he can keep playing at such a high level, West Coast Elite could very well live up to their name.