Malachi Flynn Named Week 8 Player of the Week

It’s sort of ironic that, after last week’s Player of the Week earned the honor after defeating No Shnacks, it’s a No Shnacks player who snatched the crown this week. Malachi Flynn, who scored 52 points in addition to securing 6 rebounds, embodies No Shnacks’ play style: unassuming, quietly confident, and with a chip on their shoulders that could sink the Titanic.

See, No Shnacks hails from the Inland Empire, where residents often feel overlooked and overshadowed by the bustling big city just an hour away. So they go big to make a name for themselves. If Pandas’ Ryan Carter wants to put up 53 points in a victory over an undermanned I Can All-Stars, Malachi Flynn is going to nearly match that total and add 6 rebounds, then No Shnacks is going to beat the Pandas 109-105 just to humble the attention-grabbing guard from North Carolina.

In that game, the second of a back-to-back for both teams, No Shnacks centerpiece Marvelle Harris had 43 points and 6 rebounds.

But it was Malachi who got them started down that road, shooting the lights from the ceiling in a revelatory outing – his first and only appearance for No Shnacks this summer. That’s how you really get the people talking: give them something to talk about, then leave them wanting more.

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