Darren Collison Named Week 9 Player of the Week

A pro’s pro, Darren Collison of Task Force may not often put up the splashiest numbers or dazzling highlight reels, but he’s the engine that keeps his team’s offense ticking away, often helping them to overcome more star-studded teams week after week. In Task Force’s finale against I-Can All-Stars, he scored 19 points while assisting on a whopping 13 of his team’s goals, topping the season’s high water mark set by 3x MVP Franklin Session of the #1-seeded Tuff Fades in week 1. Again, he’s the engine and the gas.


Collison also pulled down 7 rebounds and snatched 4 steals, proving that he’s just as valuable on the defensive end. Task Force is loaded with shooters he can find with pinpoint passes in the corners and on the wings to deluge opponents into submission with threes, but that defensive effort is exactly what Task Force is going to need to make it deep into the stacked playoff field. Everyone can score at this point, but you have to get stops to give yourself the best chance to win.


Task Force coach Gary Marcus said, “10+ years experience as an NBA floor leader makes the Drew League games easy for DC,” pointing out that the veteran floor general is usually the fastest player on the floor, even as one of the older players in the Drew. Despite his age, Marcus says, he has “so much left in the tank. He can help an NBA team win a championship right now.” But first, he wants that Drew League banner – and with a little luck, he has a fighting chance to get one.


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