Ra’Shad James Named Week 7 Player of the Week

In a must-win week for I-Can All Stars (this isn’t a typo, Roc spells it like this), coach Roc Johnson knew just who to call. The 6’2 Ra’Shad James hasn’t been a fixture of the 2023 I-Can bid, but with the team 1-4 headed into Sunday’s game against the 0-5 BB4L, this was their chance to get a much-needed win on the board. 


Enter James, who slotted in perfectly alongside I-Can regular Jordan Hamilton and used the big guard’s gravity to eclipse his off-ball maneuvers, sneakily scoring a weekend-high 46 points. He also scooped up 4 rebounds on the way to a 97-94 overtime victory against Basketball 4 Life.


James’ POG performance was punctuated by a relentless attack on the paint, as he grabbed 16 of those points on free throws. He and his teammates relentlessly hounded BB4L’s lead guard Kjay Bradley, forcing him to commit 6 turnovers over the course of the game. Many players have their “welcome to the Drew” moments – both good and bad – and Ra’Shad can say that his was most definitely the latter.


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