With just 4 seconds left on the clock in I-Can All Stars’ 26-point beatdown of Rex 6 on Sunday, Player of the Week Sek Henry pitched one last jumper from just over the halfcourt line watching as it sailed through the hair and whispered through the net as the buzzer sounded. It was an appropriately cold-blooded move for a player nicknamed The Viper.

Here’s the thing: there was never any doubt the unnecessary shot was going in. There rarely is. Henry possesses one of the silkiest jump shots in the Drew League, a high-arching thing of beauty as smooth as the danger noodle from which he takes his nickname. It’s made him the most dangerous weapon in I-Can’s arsenal, the point of the spear for a high-powered offense that can get darn near anything it wants, any time. 

The only thing disappointing about the final play – at least for Sek, if not for Rex 6, who didn’t really need the salt in the wound of the blowout – is that it did NOT give him his 50th point of the game. Instead, he would just have to “settle” for 47 points 3 rebounds, and 3 assists on the way to being named Player Of The Week and walking away with the highest point total of the season so far.