Demar Derozan Named Week 8 Player of the Week

With Cheaters remaining the last undefeated team and DeMar DeRozan leading them to their 94-89 victory over MHP on Sunday with 33 points and 8 rebounds, the Compton baller was a shoo-in for Player of the Week. Running with fellow Chicago Bull Dalen Terry, DeMar put the Cheaters on his back as MHP’s Josh Christopher scrapped to keep his team’s playoff hopes alive. 


As always, Deebo made it look easy, showing off his signature midrange game and even knocking down a three in the third quarter. MHP’s never been known for their defense, but despite putting up their most impressive showing on that end all season, they didn’t stand a chance against DeRozan’s cool and collected attack. Never hurried and forever moving at his own pace, DeMar dictated the tempo and called the tune, keep MHP’s defenders dancing in a futile attempt to slow him down.


Cheaters will almost undoubtedly enter the playoffs in two weeks in the number one seed, and likely undefeated. It’s an impressive achievement, made all the more so by the fact that the lineup has changed up so much. But every time, someone steps up, whether that’s Walt Lemon, Ben McLemore, or Casper Ware. But when the playoffs actually start, the difference maker will have to be DeMar DeRozan, whose presence makes them practically unstoppable.


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