Luis Rodriguez Named Week 3 Player of the Week

Powering West Coast Elite’s 81-69 bounce-back victory over Public Enemy on Saturday with 32 points, Luis Rodriguez earns Wilson Player Of The Week honors in Week 3.

After tough back-to-back losses in Week 2, West Coast Elite had plenty of motivation to take down Public Enemy, which battled their first two opponents in super close games. And while Rodriguez contributed in both of WCE’s games last week, against Public Enemy, he turned up the effort.

In addition to scoring 32 points on 14 of 21 shots, he yanked down 12 rebounds, turning in a double-double performance that kept West Coast Elite in the lead from wire to wire. Now that they’ve got some momentum going into Week 4, it’s a matter of whether they can keep up that level of effort for the rest of the season.

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