Week 4 Game of the Week Brought Lil Wayne and Melo Ball Out to The Drew

Drew League fans are used to explosive games (especially on 4th of July weekend), but Sunday’s marquee matchup between Citi Team Blazers and Public Enemy offered fireworks both on and off the court. Blazers and Public Enemy are two teams that always put on a show, and with electric matchups all over the court from Jerome Randle and Frank “Nitty” Session at point guard to Malcolm Thomas and Montrezl Harrell at center, the sparks flew in abundance. The game went right down to the wire, coming down to a MonstaTrezz free throw to give Public Enemy a 1-point win, 81-80.

But the occupants of the court side seats nearly warranted as much attention as the action on court. The hotly contested matchup was taken in by someone who knows a thing or two about pyrotechnics: The Fireman himself, Lil Wayne. The Drew is no stranger to big-name guests, and Weezy F. Baby (please say the “Baby”) joined an already long list of noteworthy spectators this summer – a list that now includes LaMelo Ball, who came to watch Sunday’s closer of his dad’s BBB vs. the reigning champs, I Can All Stars, alongside his older brother, Lonzo Ball. While they enjoyed the attention from the court sides, Lavar’s squad could use their help; Melo hinted that he might just suit up to help BBB climb out of their 0-4 hole soon enough.

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