DeMar DeRozan Named Week 4 Player of the Week

You know the name. Week 4 Player of the Week DeMar DeRozan has been coming to the Drew since middle school, and putting up some of the league’s biggest numbers for the last few years. This year, he’s on the legacy Cheaters squad alongside Casper Ware Jr. and a collective of hard-nosed, all-out defenders that make matchups a nightmare on both sides of the floor every week.

Case in point: their Saturday matchup against the first-year CHPT562. The Long Beachers have had an impressive debut season but couldn’t do a single thing to slow Deebo down, as he showed off that signature mid-range game and bulled his way to the basket for 39 points and 14 rebounds – the second and third most in each category so far this season – leading Cheaters to their fourth win. They’re now one of only two remaining undefeated teams. With DeMar DeRozan on their side, they might just keep that streak going all summer.

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