Max Hisatake Goes to Work in Week 3

Max Hisatake and team Ghost may be newcomers to the Drew League this summer, but they’re already making a name for themselves as an impressive addition. Hisatake’s a mobile 6’8” center from Las Vegas who has proven himself a reliable mid-range shooter and an offensive force for his first-year team, scoring 17 and 13 points respectively in Ghost’s Week 3 doubleheader against Problems and Citi Team Blazers.

Max’s contributions don’t stop at getting buckets. He was a monster in both games defensively, as well. In Saturday’s matchup with Problems, he pulled down 9 rebounds and tallied a monstrous 6 blocks, then, in the Sunday back-to-back with the Blazers, he snatched 3 steals to go along with 5 rebounds. Today, he’ll have his work cut out against Hometown Favorites and their beastly big man, Terrell Carter. But after sharing the floor in the recent @redbullpabc, Max has a better sense of what it’ll take. Don’t miss it today at #TheDrew at 1:45.

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