Tari Eason Named Week 7 Player of the Week

6’8 forward Tari Eason is a new face around the Drew, but in his debut Saturday against No Shnacks for All In, he clearly took that adage about first impressions to heart. Teaming up with returning center Chimezie Metu – who previously played for All In coach Wally Moore’s former team, Clozers – Eason tallied 37 points and 13 rebounds in All In’s 87-85 victory over No Shnacks.

A review of the play-by-play shows that the game had Tari’s fingerprints all over it, as he revved up in the second quarter, scoring at an impressive clip that saw him make 14 of 18 2-point attempts. While he wasn’t quite as successful from three-point range, he had a willingness to let it fly that suggests he’s seen enough of them go in to have the confidence to keep firing, knowing that he’ll hit often enough to be an asset. He also had 2 blocks, refusing to let his defense slip like so many other new players who come to the Drew thinking that scoring is all they’ll need. We don’t know when he’ll be back, but if first impressions are the ones that last, then he’ll be welcome to return anytime he wants.

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