LeBron James Named Week 6 Player of the Week

Could it be anybody else? Returning to the Drew League for the first time in ten seasons, LeBron James is Player of the Week for week 6. This isn’t a political pick, either; the King walked off the court after a 40-minute game (a regular season rarity) with 46 points, 16 rebounds, 4 steals, 3 assists, and a 104-102 Cheaters victory over Black Pearl Elite. The Cheaters’ win makes them the last remaining undefeated team this season, with a perfect record of 6-0.

James poured in buckets from every angle, hitting turnaround jumpers in the mid-range and bombing deep threes. And despite Black Pearl players like Dion Wright (20 points, 6 rebounds), Ethan Alvano (19 points, 9 rebounds) Vince Camper (17 points, 6 rebounds), and Jayce Johnson (14 points, 15 rebounds) all took turns making heroic efforts to guard him, James showed why he’s been considered the best player in the world for so long. Of course, he didn’t do it on his own; Cheaters teammate DeMar DeRozan, who invited him to play in the first place, had 30 and 14, good for his own Player of the Week honor in any other week.

But it wasn’t any other week, and we might not see one like it again. From the line starting at 6 am, to the fans packed three-deep along the baseline, Lebron’s appearance caused quite the scene. Still, the real spectacle was on the court, and was a sight to remember. For those lucky enough to witness it, it’s a sight they’ll never forget.

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