Jayce Johnson of Black Pearl Elite Dominates in Week 3

Even with Public Enemy’s usual big man Montrezl Harrell out for their week 3 matchup against Black Pearl Elite, Black Pearl’s Jayce Johnson had a tough assignment. After all, Public Enemy’s remaining complement of bigs has shaken down some of the Drew League’s best. The 7-foot Dana Point native wasn’t intimidated, contributing a huge first half that helped Black Pearl overcome Public Enemy, 72-68.

With 13 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 blocks, Jayce kept Public Enemy’s guards well out of the paint, forcing them to take longer shots than some of them would have liked. He outplayed Nick Stover at center for most of the game and was able to help mitigate the impacts Marcus Bell and Jarion Henry were able to have on the game. Most importantly, though, he kept a cool head when Public Enemy snuck up on his team in the second half, allowing the rest of his team to maintain their composure as well. PE thrives by putting pressure on teams until they burst with gritty defense, but as we all well know, pearls know a thing or two about taking grit and making it shine.

Jayce and Black Pearl hope to get another win at #TheDrew today when they face Young Citi at 1:45.

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