2021 Week 7 Preview

With the arrival of Week 7 the 2021 Drew League season closes in on its finale, from the looks of things, the playoffs are more or less set. The only thing left is for teams to jostle for ranking and bragging rights as they seek out favorable matchups, tiebreakers, and the ability to talk a little trash at next year’s coaches meeting.

Starting at the bottom and working our way up, Legacy Legends, BBB, Tuff Crowd, and C.A.B.C. are out and nothing they do can get them in. Better luck next year, guys. On the bright side, they’ve distinguished themselves a bit, with players like Curtis Hollis of BBB almost certain to get recruited next summer.

Meanwhile, Nationwide Blue Devils has two games this weekend, against I-Can and Cheaters. While both are tough outs, winning both games can help the Blue Devils stave off BB4L, who play two top teams in All In and No Shnacks. In the Dede Smooth Division, the back half of the bracket is safe, although Pandas and Black Pearl Elite are fighting for their lives and the last spot. A win against Saints can move the Pandas up one, then they will cross their fingers that Young Citi pummels Black Pearl to give them more breathing room.

The top teams are also pretty much clinched, but staying ahead of the pack can’t hurt when the top four teams on each side would be nightmare matchups in the first round. To that end, Public Enemy had better root hard for Black Pearl on their week off, MHP and Problems were both in the Final in 2019 and have the scoring potential to weather P.E.’s stingy defense.

Don’t miss Problems against Hometown Favorites, which could provide another early playoffs preview. Finally, Redemption and Blazers will battle for the Tamara Hamilton top spot in the weekend’s marquee matchup.