2021 Week 6 Recap

Week 6 of the 2021 Drew League season turned out to be a wacky, wild one, as games fans expected to be close turned into blowouts left and right – and vice versa.

The league leaders took care of business all weekend, starting on Friday night, with No Shnacks, Hometown Favorites, and Cheaters all roundly defeating Tuff Crowd, Pandas, and Legacy Legends. There wasn’t much suspense, as all of the winning teams are comfortably set to cruise into the playoffs. While Tuff Crowd was left still hunting for its first win, Legacy tried to add its second, and Pandas showed up with another untested lineup of ringers who weren’t quite ready to run at the Drew.

The surprises of Saturday were the games between Citi Team Blazers and I-Can, and Pandas versus Black Pearl Elite. In the former, the Blazers finally incurred their first loss of the season as I-Can’s Daniel Hamilton proved to be an unstoppable dynamo on offense for which Citi Team could find no answers. Then, Pandas shocked Black Pearl with a gritty performance that had Voice of the Drew, George Preciado, complimenting the underrated play of their backcourt, including guards like Jamani Spencer and Steve Wooten Jr. 

Sunday was a day for vengeance, as Public Enemy loaded up the big guns in the absence of Frank Session, who was injured in the Big 3 the day before. Still seething from embarrassing losses in Week 5, P.E. came back with a nearly complete lineup featuring Mike James and Montrezl Harrell, running Saints out of the gym. Likewise, Problems remembered their loss to MHP in last year’s final and brought all the energy they forgot to pack in the first three games of this season, prompting Nick Young to lose his cool and get ejected as Problems breezed to a 26-point win. There’s the Problems we know and love!

With Hometown Favorites’ win over Reapers Black Ops, Gerry Blakes and the gang moved up to the top of the Dede Smooth division, while Blazers’ loss officially dropped them down to second in Tamara Hamilton. Redemption’s 20-point beat down of C.A.B.C. netted Pat Rembert another Player of the Week honor, further stretching his lead in the MVP race. As the Drew closes in on its final handful of games, get ready to see teams scrambling for playoff position and those teams at the bottom of the field look to play spoiler in the weeks ahead.