2021 Week 5 Preview

Week 5, it gets serious! This will be the first week that many pros will be eligible to play and while plenty will be unavailable as they represent the stars and stripes at the Tokyo Olympics, plenty of teams will undoubtedly have a few surprises up their sleeves as the finish line inches closer. 

But just because we’re halfway through our truncated season, it won’t get any easier. Although no one has been eliminated from contention just yet, CABC and Tuff Crowd, the league’s youngest teams, need to get it in gear if they want to stay a step ahead of the hook. But nothing is given and CABC will have to get that elusive first win against the physical Undisputed, while Tuff Crowd will have to hope their size advantage over Cheaters is enough to nab theirs.

Friday night looks like an all-out war as usual, with Problems clashing with Black Pearl Elite and working to climb out of their early season hole. They’ll be facing Player of the Week Robbie Robinson, which figures to make that task a whole lot harder. BBB will play the Saints, but there are still questions around whether their marquee players will actually show up — an event Saints’ Vince Camper told me wouldn’t make a difference either way.

“They’ve got to guard me,” Camper said, indicating the mostly immovable physical strength that has made him one of the league’s top scorers for years.

Saturday has back-to-back potential classics in Undisputed’s game with Reapers Black Ops. Both teams have been surging lately and they look to match up well. Then, Public Enemy will defend their undefeated record against Hometown Favorites, who have so far been one of the league’s most wily teams. The secret to both groups’ successes is playing all four quarters like they’re down 20, even when they’re up, so don’t expect to see a blowout this week.

Sunday, the Citi Team Blazers face off with Nationwide Blue Devils — a pairing of teams that have deep playoff runs under their belts the last few seasons. Then, No Shnacks, likely looking to re-up some familiar faces, will play their fellow out-of-towners Reapers on a back-to-back, giving them a chance to stay in the running. MHP and BBB will close out the weekend with what might end up being one of the more star-studded games of the season.