2021 Week 4 Preview

Last week’s stunners should be a wake-up call to any teams who thought they’d coast through the front half of this year’s short season. Anybody can get it at the Drew League. Raw talent, continuity, and coaching may not be enough for veteran teams as the influx of new stars and the movement of familiar faces is putting the league on notice.

BBB, the standout story of last week’s slate, will look to continue that trend during this week’s triple-header, which begins Friday afternoon. They might be breathing a sigh of relief to find out that Hometown Favorites, their Saturday afternoon opponent, will be playing in a back-to-back after facing Legacy Legends Friday night, but the Favorites have been around a while and may well find their rhythm in the weekend opener.

The current teams looking for wins include the young Tuff Crowd, who has a tough matchup in Citi Team Blazers, CABC, who must face the resurgent Reapers, and No Shnacks, who are used to taking a few weeks to gain traction and look to do so this week against I-Can. Meanwhile, All In, Blazers, Public Enemy, and Redemption — all former champs except for All In — are all undefeated heading into Week 4 and look like the teams to beat.

Last year’s champs, MHP, seem to have shaken the rust off and have the honor of closing out the weekend against Black Pearl Elite, who should offer some tough competition. That’ll be one of our can’t-miss games, along with Saturday’s matchup of BBB vs. Hometown Favorites and its followup game between heavy hitters Cheaters and Redemption. Don’t skip Friday’s three-game schedule either. While mostly low on star power, these are all gritty teams that matchup well, meaning a fun night of basketball at St. John Bosco High.