2021 Week 2 Preview

Let’s hope everybody used the week to shake off some of the rust from the last year because the second weekend of the 2021 season is here. Right now, each division has five winning teams (thanks to a shortened Saturday schedule last week), so expect things to shake up a bunch as some teams earn their first wins, others go up 2-0, and the rest find themselves looking up from a 0-2 hole to start the season.

This week will have a few games of interest, starting with Saturday’s Breakfast Club game. It’s rare to see two winning teams face off so early in the day, but Hometown Favorites and All In, the participants in one of last weekend’s tightest games and one of its biggest blowouts, respectively, will face off to start the day, giving both teams more of a test of their talents. 

Later on Saturday, the only other matchup between two of last week’s winners will see Cheaters playing a revamped I-Can. A couple of years ago, I-Can was one of the league’s punching bags, so this year will be their chance to redeem themselves. Meanwhile, Cheaters has a legacy to live up to, so the level of pride both teams are playing for will be sky high. 

On Sunday, fan favorites Public Enemy will test their new system against No Shnacks. After years of being forced to play against double teams, Frank Session may have some backcourt help in the form of newcomer Tra Holder, who started for the Arizona State Sun Devils as a senior three years ago, leading them to their first-ever 10-0 season start. Holder held his own in his Drew League debut, putting up 26 points to lift Public Enemy to a 16-point victory over Problems. 

The weekend will close with Problems taking on Young Citi, one of the breakout teams of 2019. Young Citi only lost their last game by 1 point (to Hometown Favorites, 58-57), so they’ll be looking for a bounce back game every bit as badly as Problems, who were missing key players in their season debut. We’ll see how these games pan out, whether Patrick Rembert can hang onto his Player Of The Week honors, and which stars show up and show out when week 2 tips off Saturday at 10:30 am. Early arrival is recommended, as always.