Week 10 Preview

Thanks to the quirks of a shortened roster of teams and tough competition in one division especially, the final week of the 2019 Drew League season is going to make for one wild finish. With Playoffs seeding on the line in so many games—and matchups being so crucial to getting through at least the first round of the Playoffs—many teams are going to have to bring their A-games and put in some extra credit to secure an advantage this weekend. While some spots are locked—Jaguars, L.O.S., Pandas, and Team Watson are all effectively done for the year—many will be in flux all weekend long, so stay tuned.

On Saturday, there won’t be a single matchup that won’t have some effect on playoff seeding, aside from the Breakfast Club appetizer with Pandas and Prodigy. MHP, Panthers, and Young Citi will battle for prime position in the crowded Carl Munns Division (with MHP and Panthers being a head-to-head matchup that will directly affect their positions), while Nationwide Blue Devils, Problems, and Reapers will try to settle the snarled Louis Merritt Division standings. Problems and Reapers also face off directly, so their game will be especially hard-fought.

Meanwhile, Sunday sees a late start as Optimus forfeits their final game to Hometown Favorites as a result of their snakebitten season. After taking record-breaking, blowout losses in three separate weeks and experiencing a ton of roster churn, they’ve thrown in the towel and will likely not be back for 2020’s season.

That means Hometown Favorites is in no matter what, while Baxter’s Legacy, one of the year’s standout teams early, would probably love to trade places with them, since they’ve got to battle one of the league’s powerhouses in Public Enemy, who are desperate to hold onto their No. 2 seed.

All In, Black Pearl Elite, CABC, and CitiTeam Blazers’ games will all have a huge impact on their respective divisions, especially the final game of the season, which will find Black Pearl looking to shake up All In’s coveted #1 seed after All In put in a monumental effort to snatch it away from both Young Citi and Public Enemy.

Every game always counts at the Drew, but these are the games that can make or break teams’ Playoff hopes, so get to the gym early, save a seat, and get comfortable. The regular season is almost over and now the real fun begins.


Saturday 7/27

10:30 –  Pandas (1-9) vs. Prodigy (3-7)

11:45 – MHP (6-4) vs. Panthers (5-5)

1:15 – Problems (6-4) vs. Reapers Black Ops (6-4)

2:30 – Young Citi (8-2) vs. Tuff Crowd (5-5)

4:00 – Nationwide Blue Devils (6-4) vs. I-Can All-Stars (4-6)

5:15 – Redemption (8-2) vs. Jaguars (2-8)


Sunday 7/28

10:30 – Optimus forfeits to Hometown Favorites

11:45 – BB4L (3-7) vs. L.O.S. (1-9)

1:15 – Public Enemy (8-2) vs. Baxter’s Legacy (6-4)

2:30 – CitiTeam Blazers (7-3) vs. No Shnacks (8-2)

4:00 – Team Watson (3-7) vs. CABC So. Cal (6-4)

5:15 – Black Pearl Elite (4-6) vs. All In (8-2)