Week 9 Preview

This is it: Week 9. The penultimate week of the regular season. It seems like it got here quick, right? Well, that just goes to show why every game counts and there are no excuses allowed at the Drew League.

Technically, as DrewLeague.com’s own Law Murray likes to say, there are almost no teams who are mathematically eliminated. The Jaguars, Pandas and L.O.S. are basically playing for pride at this point. They’ll likely play their final games this season just hoping not to end up all the way at the bottom.

But things get interesting above that in the Carl Munns Division as Tuff Crowd basically gets two more chances to clinch a playoff berth. Winning both their games would be ideal, but even one win will get them in. If they drop both their games—both tough matchups against Baxter’s Legacy and Public Enemy—they’ll have to hope Hometown Favorites and Black Pearl Elite both lose to hold on to their spot—unlikely, given Hometown is playing the snake bitten L.O.S.

Meanwhile, over on the Louis Merritt side of the standings, things get reallyinteresting as the 3rd and 4th seeds, Blazers and Reapers, respectively, have to play their next game against each other, meaning at least one will end up with 4 losses on the season. That means the loser has to hope Nationwide Blue Devils, CABC So. Cal, and I-Can All-Stars all lose as well, with CABC and I-Can playing each other and Nationwide taking on the champs, Redemption, in a rematch of last year’s championship game. Does anyone else have chills right now?

So teams, bring your A-games and all your firepower, because you know the motto: No excuse, just produce. No more waiting to see which big names show up or hoping for a river miracle. If you want that playoff spot, you’ll have to take it. With only two more weeks to go, it’s time to see who really wants to win and who gets to enjoy the playoffs from the sidelines.


Friday 7/26

5:30 – Public Enemy vs. Optimus

6:45 – Redemption vs. I-Can All-Stars

8:00 – No Shnacks vs. Pandas


Saturday 7/27

10:30 – Problems vs. Jaguars

11:45 – Hometown Favorites vs. LOS

1:15 – Young Citi vs. All In

2:30 – Tuff Crowd vs. Baxter’s Legacy

4:00 – Redemption vs. Nationwide All-Stars

5:15 – MHP vs. BB4L


Sunday 7/28

10:30 – Team Watson vs. Prodigy

11:45 – Black Pearl Elite vs. Panthers

1:15 – Problems vs. No Shnacks

2:30 – Tuff Crowd vs. Public Enemy

4:00 – CitiTeam Blazers vs. Reapers Black Ops

5:15 – I-Can All-Stars vs. CABC So. Cal