Week 8 Recap

If you missed out on Drew League’s Week 8 action, you might be kicking yourself. After all, not only did Player Of The Week Montrezl Harrell (46 points) put on a show against the revamped BB4L and their new secret weapon, Trae Young, but two of the league’s powerhouse teams also had a knock-down-drag-out fight for the ages.

Redemption entered the Saturday matchup with Problems as the last undefeated team of the 2019 season. It was a feat that gave them a chance to join a rare group of teams with undefeated seasons, of which there are only a handful in the league’s 45-year history. Problems, though, was not about to let that happen.

In terms of matchups on the floor, the two titans crossed the line between intriguingly similar and action movie doppelganger boss battle. From point guards Antonio Biglow (Problems) and Rodney Blackmon (Redemption) on up through each team’s lineups they looked evenly matched in both size and skill.

However, one thing Problems absolutely had was a truck-sized chip on their collective shoulder. In the end, they toppled the champs, with shooting guard Garrett Nevels picking up a Top Performer honor on the way.

On Sunday, MHP and Baxter’s Legacy exchanged broadsides as MVP candidates Askia Booker and Justin Stommes led their teams in a showdown that saw the score threaten to climb into the triple digits for MHP’s sixth win of the season. In a game that featured an eye-peeling pace and more porous defense than the Trojan war, both teams came out firing every gun they had.

Legacy led for most of the game, but got cocky with a six-point lead, flossing on a breakaway reverse dunk attempt from Stommes that banged off the rim and gave MHP a chance to get back into the game.

The Most Hated Players took advantage, jumping all over Baxter’s Legacy in the final minutes of the game to eventually steal away an ironic six-point victory of their own. Booker earned himself yet another Top Performer honor and came one step closer to sealing his bid for MVP. Meanwhile, the league creeps ever closer to the Playoffs, giving BB4L, Black Pearl Elite, Optimus, I-Can All-Stars, Team Watson and Prodigy one last weekend to potentially sneak in.


Saturday 7/20/2019


Game 1: I-Can All-Stars 64 vs. Prodigy 61

Player of the Game: Jerome Jordan (19 PTS, 11 REB)


Game 2: Public Enemy 102 vs. BB4L 93

Player of the Game: Montrezl Harrell (46 PTS)


Game 3: Panthers 78 vs. Hometown Favorites 68 

Player of the Game: Terrell Gomez (29 PTS)


Game 4: Problems 98 vs. Redemption 93

Player of the Game: Garrett Nevels (35 PTS)


Game 5: Nationwide Blue Devils 88 vs. CABC So. Cal 85

Player of the Game: Mike Martin (18 PTS)


Game 6: Reapers Black Ops 81 vs. Pandas 67

Player of the Game: Johnny Dee (32 PTS)


Sunday 7/21/2019


Game 1: All In 86 vs. Optimus 73

Player of the Game: Zafir Williams (22 PTS)


Game 2: No Shnacks 107 vs. Team Watson 93

Player of the Game: Eli Scott (28 PTS, 10 RBS)


Game 3: Tuff Crowd 80 vs. L.O.S. 70

Player of the Game: Jeremy Tyler (27 PTS, 11 RBS)


Game 4: MHP 92 vs. Baxter’s Legacy 86

Player of the Game: Askia Booker (29 PTS, 7 RBS)


Game 5: CitiTeam Blazers 90 vs. Jaguars 75

Player of the Game: Kyle Gibson (24 PTS)


Game 6: Young Citi 63 vs. Black Pearl Elite 61

Player of the Game: Eric Thompson (9 PTS, 16 RBS, 2 BLK, 2 STL)