Week 8 Preview

The playoff race is heating up with just weeks to go in the 2019 season and the teams in the middle of the pack are starting to feel the pressure. Margins of victory and head-to-head matchups are super important for those teams, so watch for teams like Hometown Favorites, Black Pearl Elite, I-Can All-Stars, and Team Watson to start digging in with the hopes of overturning some of their higher-ranked opponents this week.

The can’t-miss games of the week will include powerhouse Problems attempting to hang the first “L” of the season on champion Redemption. Both teams are loaded for bear, with Problems sporting twin gunners Garrett Nevels and Jaylen Bland, as well as long-armed defensive ball hawk Corey Allen. They’ll likely sic Allen on Redemption’s walking bucket, Jonathan Gibson, so it’ll fall to the rest of the team—Chuck Garcia, Dominique Johnson, Kwame Alexander—to pick up the slack on scoring.

On Sunday, MHP takes on Baxter’s Legacy—a game that is almost guaranteed to reach a triple-digit score despite the 32-minute game clock. MHP likes to shoot and they’ve got ballers all over the floor who can knock it down, including MVP candidate Askia Booker, who took a week off in Week 7, but would have given the Most Hated Players an even bigger advantage alongside bruising forward Jordan Bell and team captain Nick Young.

Meanwhile, Baxter’s Legacy has been the breakout success story of the season, with Jarrell Tate, Justin Stommes, and Austin Mills helping to set the Drew record for largest margin of victory over a discombobulated Optimus a few weeks ago. Again, bring your umbrellas because it’ll be raining buckets.

Some of the other fun matchups to watch will involve scrappy teams working their way up from the bottom, like Saturday’s Breakfast Club game between Prodigy and I-Can All-Stars. Saturday’s block of games from 1:15 to 4:00 p.m. should be solid, especially with CABC taking on Nationwide Blue Devils and Panthers facing off with Hometown Favorites.

Sunday, plan on catching Young Citi vs. Black Pearl Elite, which will be a defensive slugfest for the ages, and Tuff Crowd vs. L.O.S., two young teams fighting their way back into the playoff picture.


Saturday 7/20

10:30 – Prodigy vs I-Can Allstars

11:45 – BB4L vs Public Enemy

1:15 – Panthers vs Hometown Favorites

2:30 – Redemption vs Problems

4:00 – Nationwide Blue Devils vs CABC

5:15 – Reapers vs Pandas


Sunday 7/21

10:30 – Optimus vs All In

11:45 – Team Watson vs No Shnacks

1:15 – Tuff Crowd vs LOS

2:30 – MHP vs Baxter’s Legacy

4:00 – Blazers vs Jaguars

5:15 – Young Citi vs Black Pearl Elite