Week 6 Preview

The first five weeks of the Drew League showed us who each of the teams, top players, and rising stars were in the 2019 season. This week blows it all up. It’s the first week that U.S. pros will be able to play and there are sure to be plenty of surprises.

While some combinations of players have been hinted at by their potential teammates and coaches on social media for the past several weeks, it’s impossible to say where everyone will end up. Some teams that were slipping early in the season may improve with the infusion of talent, while others, like the still-undefeated champions, Redemption, feel they don’t need the extra help.

The big game no one will want to miss, though, is Saturday’s matchup between Public Enemy and MHP. Besides boasting three-time MVP Franklin Session and emerging 2019 MVP candidate Askia Booker in a highly anticipated showdown of hot-scoring point guards, Session promises a few new additions that may turn his team into frontrunners for the remainder of the season. Meanwhile, MHP has been known to bring out the big guns around this time of year, and 2019 doesn’t look like it’ll be an exception.

On Sunday, the last two undefeated teams in the league, No Shnacks and Redemption, will butt heads to determine which team will hold the Drew’s top ranking in a rematch of last year’s semifinal game.

No Shnacks has absolutely demolished its competition with a combination of athletic, young talent and steady, veteran leadership, but Redemption has something they haven’t yet earned—championship experience. No Shnacks has every reason to believe they can win and plenty of motivation to do so, but Redemption is hard to beat with all their players—and they’ve got their own perfect record to protect.


Saturday 7-6-2019

10:30 – CABC So. Cal vs. Jaguars

11:45 – All In vs. Panthers

1:15 – Tuff Crowd vs. BB4L

2:30 – Public Enemy vs. MHP

4:00 – Reapers Black Ops vs. Prodigy

5:15 – L.O.S. vs. Black Pearl Elite


Sunday 7-7-2019

10:30 – Pandas vs. Team Watson

11:45 – Optimus vs. YoungCiti

1:15 – I-Can All-Stars vs. CitiTeam Blazers

2:30 – Redemption vs. No Shnacks

4:00 – Problems vs. Nationwide Blue Devils

5:15 – Baxter’s Legacy vs. Hometown Favorites