Week 5 Recap

After an action-packed weekend that included the second Friday night triple-header of 2019 season, only two teams remain undefeated and they both reside in the Louis Merritt Division. No Shnacks proved to be a crowd pleaser in the first month of the season, thanks in large part to the magnetic draw of 17-year-old, 6’7 point guard LaMelo Ball, who has taken No Shnacks from being a contender last year to looking a near-lock to represent the Louis Merritt Division in this year’s 2019 Championship.

To do so, though, they’ll have to get through last year’s champ, Redemption, who have been firing on all cylinders all season behind the quietly MVP caliber play of their own sharpshooting PG, Jonathan Gibson.

Speaking of MVPs, it looks like the only thing standing in the way of Askia Booker’s dominion over the title this year is the smooth efficiency of his MHP squad. They put Optimus away in yet another blowout that got called early — this time with four minutes on the clock — only allowing the Boogieman to ring up 20 points instead of his accustomed 30 — the only thing keeping him out of this week’s collection of Top Performers. Those Top Performers include one of Ski’s closest rivals for the honor, Jonathan Gibson, and Nationwide Blue Devils’ own hot-shooting small guard, Pierre Jackson.

This week was also the end of BB4L’s slump, as the team formerly dubbed The Untouchables after their undefeated championship 2016 season finally found the extra gear to get over the hump on the second game of a back-to-back. They were able to defeat Black Pearl Elite in Sunday’s final game after a hard-fought contest that nearly ended in disaster for BB4L in a mirror image of their Saturday game that saw Young Citi’s Keith Shamburger—formerly of BB4L—perfectly miss the tail end of a one-and-one that allowed Young Citi to force overtime, then upset BB4L after the additional period.

For an instant, it looked like Black Pearl might accomplish the same feat in a near-identical, late clock free throw situation, but instead, Dejon Prejean missed the front half of his one-and-one and this time, BB4L was able to secure the rebound. Their win leaves Jaguars as the only team still “sitting on a bagel,” as George the Voice would say.

The top four teams of both divisions look quite comfy in the standings as the remaining squads battle it out for position heading into July, but no one is out of the running yet—especially now that teams can really bring out the big guns. Prepare for some surprises next week and expect to see the playoff picture so far change its shape very soon.


Friday 6/28/2019


Game 1: Baxter’s Legacy 77 vs. Panthers 73

Player of the Game: Curtis Hollis (17 points, 6 rebounds)


Game 2: Tuff Crowd 94 vs. All In 85

Player of the Game: Jeremy Tyler (34 points, 6 rebounds)


Game 3: CABC So. Cal 89 vs. Pandas 80

Player of the Game: Collin Welp (23 points, 12 rebounds)


Saturday 6/29/2019

Game 1: Hometown Favorites 79 vs. Black Pearl Elite 73

Player of the Game: Jordan Bell (The one from LMU) (22 points, 12 rebounds)


Game 2: Reapers Black Ops 95 vs. Jaguars 82

Player of the Game: Travon Jones (30 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists)


Game 3: No Shnacks 86 vs. I-Can All-Stars 78

Player of the Game: Eli Scott (16 points, 12 rebounds)


Game 4: Nationwide Blue Devils 97 vs. Prodigy 93

Player of the Game: Pierre Jackson (34 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals)


Game 5: Young Citi 93 vs. BB4L 91.

Player of the Game: Keith Smith (28 points, 9 rebounds)


Game 6: MHP 85 vs. Optimus 48.

Player of the Game: Askia Booker (20 points, 6 rebounds)


Sunday 6/30/2019

Game 1: Reapers Black Ops 76 vs. Team Watson 68

Player of the Game: Johnny Dee (27 points, 10 rebounds)


Game 2: Pandas 84 vs. Jaguars 79

Player of the Game: Ron Artest (21 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists)


Game 3: CitiTeam Blazers 90 vs. Problems 75.

Player of the Game: Malcolm Thomas (17 points, 14 rebounds)


Game 4: Redemption 94 vs. CABC So. Cal 91

Player of the Game: Johnathan Gibson (36 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals)


Game 5: BB4L 62 vs. Black Pearl Elite 59

Player of the Game: Van Girard (27 points, 10 rebounds)


Game 6: Public Enemy 97 vs. L.O.S. 80

Player of the Game: Franklin Session (18 points, 9 rebounds)