Week 3 Recap

The first Drew League triple-header weekend of 2019 is in the books and as June winds down. We’ve begun to get an impression of just who these teams are and where the league stands before an influx of major talent promises to upend all our expectations yet again.

One big storyline that stood out over the past weekend was a sense that the old dynasties are starting to make way for the emerging young talents in the league. BB4L, Hometown Favorites, Jaguars, Pandas and Reapers Black Ops remain at the bottom of the standings after dominating in years past, while Blazers and Problems only just secured their first wins—albeit in resounding fashion. Problems-I-Can was called early as Problems held a 30-point lead heading into the final three minutes of game time.

The leaders of the new school include All In, who closed out Public Enemy in a dramatic, down-to-the-wire showdown on Sunday night that featured everything from controversial late-clock calls to pro stars Mike James and Royce White to an early ejection for All In’s coach Wally Moore.

The other rising dynasties are the LaMelo Ball-led No Shnacks, who put a devastating beatdown on Prodigy, and the prep-laden CABC SoCal, who practically chased Reapers Black Ops out of the gym, thanks to its combination of youth and athleticism with Jake Kyman receiving support from the returning Katin Reinhardt.

Meanwhile, the champs, Redemption, and the runner-ups, Nationwide Blue Devils, along with MHP all look like teams to beat, provided their rosters hang together come July. While all three teams are known for flying high early, locking their playoff spots by the beginning of August, they are also known for a lot of roster turnover, which could upset their chances—especially MHP’s.

The Most Hated Players were lifted to victory once again by a standout performance from two-time Player of the Week Askia Booker, who hit 43 points in their 20-point blowout of L.O.S. His performance would solidify his spot on any other team’s roster, but MHP’s bench-clearing big guns are on the way. Who’s going to make room?


Friday 6/14/2019

Game 1: L.O.S. 91 vs. Optimus 88.

Player of the Game: Justin Cobbs


Game 2: Team Watson 71 vs. Nationwide Blue Devils 70.

Player of the Game: DJ Ursery


Game 3: Redemption 99 vs. Pandas 77.

Player of the Game: Chris Johnson


Saturday 6/15/2019

Game 1: CABC SoCal 97 vs. Reapers Black Ops 66.

Player of the Game: Gary Franklin (27 points)


Game 2: Young Citi 82 vs. Hometown Favorites 69.

Player of the Game: Mike Broghammer (20 points, 9 rebounds)


Game 3: Tuff Crown 79 vs. Panthers 74.

Player of the Game: Kenyon Martin Jr. (27 points, 5 rebounds)


Game 4: All In 85 vs. Baxter’s Legacy 80.

Player of the Game: Zafir Williams (16 points, 12 rebounds)


Game 5: No Shnacks 95 vs. Prodigy 63.

Player of the Game: LaMelo Ball (21 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists)


Game 6: Nationwide Blue Devils 88 vs. Jaguars 73.

Player of the Game: Mike Martin (30 points, 5 rebounds)


Sunday 6/15/2019

Game 1: Baxter’s Legacy 74 vs. BB4L 67.

Player of the Game: Matt Redfield (14 points, 11 rebounds)


Game 2: CitiTeam Blazers 68 vs. Team Watson 66.

Player of the Game: Jonell Burton (27 points)


Game 3: Black Pearl Elite 80 vs. Optimus 61.

Player of the Game: Dion Wright (19 points, 8 rebounds)