Week 2 Recap

Week 2 felt like Week 7 at the Drew League as the arrival of celebrity high school prospect LaMelo Ball brought the season’s first gym lockdown. The line wrapped around the building as basketball fans clamored to get a live look at the vaunted, 6’8 point guard as he made his Drew debut with Inland Empire team No Shnacks. But unless you got there before lunchtime, you definitely missed out.

Later on in the weekend, back-to-back nail-biters electrified the crowd as both CABC and MHP ended their games with buzzer-beaters—MHP’s in overtime. CABC’s Jake Kyman hit a turnaround, fadeaway two-pointer to send Problems back to the locker room with an 0-2 record, then MHP newcomer Askia Booker’s running floater stunned YoungCiti after a 37-point outing that earned him a George the Voice nickname in just his second week at the Drew: Halloween in the Summertime. Cue the Michael Myers theme music, that man is a killer—and already being tabbed by some as a candidate for 2019 MVP.


Saturday’s Results:

Game 1: All In 89 vs. Hometown Favorites 61

Player of the Game: Zafir Williams (31 points, 10 rebounds)


Game 2: I-Can All-Stars 81 vs. Pandas 71

Player of the Game: Vince Camper (31 points, 5 rebounds)


Game 3: Redemption 85 vs. Team Watson 79

Player of the Game: Dominique Johnson (21 points)


Game 4: Nationwide Blue Devils 83 vs. CitiTeam Blazers 79

Player of the Game: Darius Stewart (20 points)


Game 5: Panthers 66 vs. BB4L 64

Player of the Game: Daryl Arnold (12 points, 14 rebounds)


Game 6: No Shnacks 90 vs. Reapers 71

Player of the Game: LaMelo Ball (25 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists)


Sunday’s Results:

Game 1: Baxter’s Legacy 105 vs. L.O.S. 89

Player of the Game: Dion Wright (26 points, 11 rebounds)


Game 2: Prodigy 82 vs. Jaguars 74

Player of the Game: Khalil Ahmad (17 points, 4 rebounds)


Game 3: Public Enemy 79 vs. Black Pearl Elite 70

Player of the Game: Franklin Session (32 points, 5 rebounds)


Game 4: CABC SoCal 97 vs. Problems 96

Player of the Game: Jake Kyman


Game 5: Young Citi 98 v. MHP 100

Player of the Game: Askia Booker (37 points)


Game 6: Tuff Crowd 63 vs. Optimus 88

Player of the Game: Chris Copeland (27 points)