Week 2 #KicksAtTheDrew Recap

Sneakers play a pivotal role in the aesthetic of players at the Drew League. The kicks are one of the last items players put on when they’re ready to hit the court and are a form of expression for who has the hottest footwear to complement their games. During the second weekend, players and spectators wore different highly coveted Nike and Jordan silhouettes.

Here are some of the best Kicks at The Drew from Week 2.

Air Jordan 1 “Kawhi Leonard”

Air Jordan 1 “Travis Scott”

Nike Air Zoom Sonic Flight “Seattle Supersonics”

Nike Kobe IV “MVP”

Nike Kyrie 5 “Rokit”

Nike Kyrie 5 “Just Do It”

Nike Kobe IV “Del Sol”

Nike KD12 “’90s Kid”

Nike Kyrie 5 “UFO”

Nike Kyrie 5 “Friends”