Week 1 Recap

In an exciting first week of Drew League action, returning teams stunned battle-tested former champions, young up-and-comers overturned seasons veterans, and statements were made across both divisions as players either came to establish themselves or struggled to shake off the rust of the previous year.

Although this weekend had plenty of surprises, it’s worth remembering that it’s still early in the season; plenty of these teams will find their rhythm, while others may eventually fall off, despite whatever confidence they may have gained. Keep your eyes peeled.

Teams to watch: “Newcomers” CABC and All In. CABC were dominant in their decisive victory over Citi Team Blazers, while All In replaced their old Clozers mentality with a new commitment to finishing games strong. Let’s see if they can keep it up.

Shocker of the week: BB4L’s bruising at the hands of Optimus. I don’t think anyone expected either team to look the way they did during Saturday’s game. BB4L certainly wasn’t playing their vaunted, pressure-first game and Optimus’ tendency to self-destruct late in games was nowhere to be found. Optimus is off to a great start. BB4L will have to recover their identity.

Saturday’s Results:

Game 1: I-Can All-Stars 90, Team Watson 79.

Player of the Game: Vince “The Body Snatcher” Camper w/ 9 points, 4 assists, 1 block, 9/12 FGs, 11/17 FTs9 points, 4 assists, 1 block, 9/12 FGs, 11/17 FTs

Game 2: No Shnacks 82, Jaguars 66.

Player of the Game: Marvelle Harris w/ 18 pts, 4 ast

Game 3: Optimus 82, BB4L 75.

Player of the Game: Chris Copeland w/ 24 pts, 7 ast, 5 blk

Game 4: Redemption 98, Reapers Black Ops 79.

Player of the Game: Jonathan Gibson w/ 33 pts

Game 5: Public Enemy 62, Hometown Favorites 45.

Player of the Game: Franklin “Nitty” Session w/ 22 pts, 5 ast

Game 6: CABC SoCal 86, CitiTeam Blazers 52.

Player of the Game: Jake Kyman w/ 19 pts


Sunday’s Results:

Game 1: Black Pearl Elite 94, Tuff Crowd 66.

Player of the Game: Dion Wright w/ 26 pts, 11 rebounds

Game 2: Prodigy 78, Problems 57.

Player of the Game: Khalil Ahmad w/ 31 pts, 7 rbd

Game 3: Nationwide Blue Devils 79, Pandas 66.

Player of the Game: Marcus “Mr. Iso” Williams w/ 31 pts, 5 rbd

Game 4: All In 83, MHP 77.

Player of the Game: De’onte North w/ 21 pts, 10 rbd

Game 5: Young Citi 82, Baxter’s Legacy 77.

Player of the Game: Keith “The Roadrunner” Smith w/ 23 pts, 9/11 FGs

Game 6: Panthers 84, L.O.S. 74.

Player of the Game: Christen Clark w/ 18 pts 14 rbd