Drew League Week 1 Preview

By: Aaron Williams

The opening weekend of each year’s Drew League season is always one of the most exciting. Fans hankering for their basketball fix can not only catch a full schedule of high-impact games, but it’s also their first chance to get a look at each team without their superstars, before politics or season records can come into play.

Unlike in some leagues, the first few weeks of the season often reveal teams’ true identities because we get to see how they play without the pressure of expectation or the gravity of marquee players. The teams that jump out of the gate champing at the bit to win are usually the ones you see with a comfortable margin of victories toward the end of the season as well.

Of course, the first week is also one of the most fun because catching up with players and teams is a little easier, finding a seat is a piece of cake, and seeing which players come in with new teams is always a surprise. While the high number of returning teams means a few rosters will look familiar, there will always be a few that include shocking omissions or unexpected pickups.

For this first week of Drew League action, there aren’t too many games that obvious must-watch matchups, but Saturday’s 3:45 p.m. matchup between Hometown Favorites and Public Enemy will be fans’ first chance to see Drew League MVP Frank Session in action, and Hometown has been known to bring in some top-flight talent on a consistent basis.

Be sure to check out reigning champs Redemption at 2:30 p.m. as well. On Sunday, Nationwide Blue Devils’ game against Pandas will be our first look at last year’s runner-up, as well as a potential opportunity to see what kind of roster Metta World Peace has put together without Vince Camper, who is slated to open the season with I-Can All-Stars.

Sat 6/1/19

10:30 – Team Watson vs. I-Can All-Stars

11:45 – Jaguars vs. No Shnacks

1:00 – BB4L vs. Optimus

2:30 – Redemption vs. Reapers Black Ops

3:45 – Hometown Favorites vs. Public Enemy

5:00 – CitiTeam Blazers vs. CABC So. Cal

Sun 6/2/19

10:30 – Black Pearl Elite vs. Tuff Crowd

11:45 – Problems vs. Prodigy

1:00 – Nationwide Blue Devils vs. Pandas

2:30 – MHP vs. All In

3:45 – Young Citi vs. Baxter’s Legacy

5:00 – Panthers vs. L.O.S