My #KicksAtTheDrew: Marcus Williams

Marcus Williams’ sneaker collection compliments his game well. Known as “Mr. Iso” around the league for scoring on defenders in 1-on-1 situations, the South Paw is as finesse as they come, breaking down anyone trying to stay in front of him on the hardwood and making it look like he’s in the gym alone.

When it comes to kicks, it can be a different pair every weekend. For lounging, it’s usually comfortable-but-stylish models like the Vapormax, Air Max 1 or Off-White Presto, and on game days it’s some of Nike’s newer models like the KD11s or Kyrie 4s or the recent John Elliot x LeBron James Icon he’s been wearing in the postseason as he looks to give Nation Wide Souljas its first-ever championship berth this weekend.

We caught up with Williams to talk his sneaker style, go-to shoes, thoughts on the KD11 and more.

How would you describe your sneaker style?

Marcus Williams: I try to go for look and comfort at the same time. I think early on whatever I liked in general. I’ve probably worn every shoe you can name—all the main Jordans and Foamposites. I think now it’s just style and comfort.

What’s your go-to sneaker now?

MW: On the court, Kyrie’s; if I had to go into the store and go get some shoes then I would pick up the Kyrie 4s. Off the court, it’s probably not basketball shoes; it’d be the Vapormax, Vans and Jordan Is.

What is it about the Drew League that tends to bring out different types of styles?

MW: First of all, you’re coming to a basketball event and it’s inner-city. That in itself is going to bring some sort of fashion. You have some guys that play on the court that like to flaunt on the court like Antonio [Biglow]. He’s a guy every week you’re going to know who he is by what he’s wearing. I think that carries on with people off the court. They like to get dressed when they leave the house. I think that’s just a general thing. There’s people here, cameras here and famous people, so people try to dress to represent themselves.

You were one of the first players at the Drew to debut the KD11. What were your thoughts on it?

MW: I think they’re cool. A little tough to put on this year compared to last year. The bottoms [on the 10] were a little difficult, now bottoms are a bit better. Overall, they’re low-top so they’re comfortable.

Anything else you liked?

MW: I like the laces on them this year. They have the little Flyknit thing on top. You can’t really tighten the shoe with the lace but you can—it’s hard to explain. But they’re different with that. I think the best shoe this year would be the Kyrie 4.

Has there been a specific sneaker you’ve worn at the Drew and had a big game in?

MW: Not at the Drew, but just shoes in general. If they drop and I see them, I can’t wait to play in those and they’re the Jordan IIIs. The Black Cements, White Cements, True Blues—those are always classics to me and they’re probably the most comfortable Jordan to play in, in my opinion.