Just Do It: Jason Beresford

The Drew League’s “Just Do It” series will highlight how members of the extended Drew League family use the Drew as a platform for making their craziest dreams happen through the game of basketball and life. 


The experience of a basketball game is a loud one, even during gameplay. But when teams are warming up or go to their benches, the mood has to be maintained. At the Drew, that responsibility falls on DJ Young Free.

“What I do is I make it loud, I make it live,” says Jason Beresford, known at the Drew League as DJ Young Free. “I make sure that you can hear George (Preciado), who is the actual voice of the Drew. I make sure that you hear the hottest and newest songs, and a little bit of the old school, during timeouts and halftimes.”

Beresford first heard of the Drew League when streetball legend Kenny Brunner mentioned it on the AND1 Mixtape Tour. But it was sometime later until Beresford’s connection to the Drew would get closer.

“I was working in the retail store that sponsored the Drew the first year back in 2010 called Peak Sports,” Beresford recalled. “I was already a DJ then before I became the DJ (at the Drew). … Dino (Smiley) came into the store to pick up some stuff for Week 3 of that season. I was walking into work, and he was walking in the store. And I took a leap of faith and I got out of my comfort zone and asked Dino, ‘Hey, do you have a DJ?’ He said that they have one sometimes. And I said, ‘I want to come out, show my talent, see if I can be a part of the Drew.’ And he looked at me and gave me a shot.

“The rest is history,” he says.

Ever since then, Beresford has seen his life and career transformed by the Drew League. He has been able to work overseas, be a DJ at high school and college games, and he has picked up work for weddings, bachelor parties and birthdays.

“Every time I talk to people about my life, and where deejaying has taken me, the Drew League is one of the number one things I speak about,” says Beresford. “Of course, God is the number one thing I speak about, but as far as gigs and what I’ve done majorly, the Drew League is one of the first things I always speak about. … It’s just been amazing how I’ve been able to connect with a lot of people. Been to some people’s houses, get phone numbers, and connect with guys on the deejay tip and music tip, and be able to be that guy that helps entertain. Not only people at the Drew, but outside the Drew as well.”

Beresford hopes that his time at the Drew leads to another one of his goals: being an NBA DJ.

“I look up to one of my mentors, DJ Dense, who is the official DJ for the (LA) Clippers,” Beresford says. “If he were to ever step down or step away, I would love to take over the reigns; bring my experience from the Drew League to an NBA arena one day.

“To get there, you have to follow the motto: No Excuse, Just Produce,” Beresford said.