Week 8 Player of the Week and Top Performers

The Week 8 Player of the Week is Franklin Session of Birdie’s Revenge. This is what Session’s stat line looked like in 48 hours: 84 points, two wins and two Player of the Game honors plus a plethora of viral highlights from Sunday’s 44-point performance. Seats were filled as the 2016 championship rematch game between Birdie’s and didn’t disappoint and reinforced the Drew’s famous “No Excuse, Just Produce” mantra isn’t some kind of gimmick. 

Here are the other top performers from Week 8:

Daniel Hamilton #2 – Foot Print

The youngest of the four Hamiltons finished with 42 points during Saturday’s Breakfast Club game. Daniel, who made his debut late in the season, returned at a crucial time with the postseason around the corner. 

Jonathan Gibson #1 – Redemption

By the time Gibson hit the floor, many fans in attendance had hit the exit signs, but it doesn’t matter if there’s 10 people or hundreds in the stands, Gibson is always going to perform at a high level. The Redemption guard finished with 36 points and the win to end Week 8.