Week 4 Preview

In Week 3, we got to see some of the league’s most established teams duke it out, but missing players made some of those match-ups feel one-sided, as Blazers and Redemption’s late scratches left them vulnerable to the scoring punch of Clozers and Hometown Favorites, respectively.

However, Week 4 promises even bigger scoring runs and some exciting pairings as the hot-shooting MHP—the only team in the league so far with two 100-point outings—play a back-to-back against a pair of squads that can actually match them for scoring. On Friday night, they take on Clozers, who may be missing Charles Hinkle, but who have shown that they can be better than their record in their Week 3 game against the Blazers. While Malik Story will have to carry a greater offensive load, the guns will certainly blaze away as he tries to race Mike Williams and Rolo Nunez to the 100-point mark.

That game may end up paling in comparison to MHP’s Sunday afternoon shootout with Team Watson. Both teams are 3-0 as of now and it’s possible MHP could be 4-0 by then, but one of those teams has to take an “L” eventually. Team Watson is one of the few teams that could pose such a threat to MHP so early in the season when MHP’s offense is clicking and their players are sharing the ball.

Watson guards DJ Ursery and Chance Murray have no trouble driving and kicking to forwards Leland King and Shaquille Thomas, and no one on that team is afraid to sling a few rockets. King especially acquitted himself well in Watson’s prior outings, proving that he can ball out with the best the Drew has to offer.

Other games to keep an eye on:

LA Loop vs. Jaguars: If ever Pat Rembert and the gang were to finally break this losing streak they’ve been on, it’s against the Jags, who always play hard, but only average about 60 points a game.

Prodigy vs. Legacy: This one’s actually a toss-up. Both teams have athletic, young players who show little trouble scoring, but neither team has distinguished itself defensively.

Problems vs. Nationwide Souljas: Two veteran teams with totally opposed game philosophies can make for an interesting matchup indeed. Can Problems’ laser-focused defensive intensity overcome the Souljas’ high-scoring proclivities—especially if big man Glen Davis shows up again.