Week 3 Preview

With two weeks out of the way, the very edges of the puzzle pieces of the season have been placed, but it’ll be sometime before that full picture comes into focus. Until then, there are a few teams to watch, establishing themselves early with impressive performances, decisive wins, and intriguing player pickups.

Check out some of the more interesting teams to watch below.

Team Watson: With two decisive victories over established Drew League teams under their belts, the young guys on Team Watson have announced themselves in a big way. The truly scary part of playing them is you may never know which of their athletic-but-skilled young players may be the one to do the most damage from week to week. While Leland King was the one to get hot in Week 1, it was Shaquille Thomas who made mincemeat of LA Loop’s perimeter defense in their last game. Besides that, they have a solid squad of role players who can kill you on any given day, including DJ Ursery, Chance Murray and Kelly Beidler. No one knew who these guys were when they squared up with Problems but we all know now. Jaguars will have to wake up early for their Saturday Breakfast Club game because the awareness they displayed this past Sunday won’t cut it against this squad.

BB4L: At 3-0, it looks like the 2016 champs are back in their previous, undefeated form. As usual, Van Girard has been leading the early-season charge, but that could change at any given time as Casper Ware Jr. works himself back into shooting shape and the team begins adding newer pieces as the season wears on. BB4L’s game against Pandas, one of the biggest teams in the league, should be informative, as it will illustrate whether they need to address their size issues now or whether their super-small attack can remain effective against sizeable guys like Vince Camper and Metta World Peace.

Birdie’s Revenge: With Frank Session’s tweaked shooting elbow and Jarion Henry’s recent meniscus injury, you might think Birdie’s Revenge is more vulnerable now than they were at any point during their 2017 championship run, but you’d be dead wrong. Even Game is offering contributions on offense, boldly attacking the rim, which is something new from him. Teams might be caught off guard by his new confidence. Every member of that squad seems to step up when needed, so taking them for granted is a mistake teams have to stop making right now if anyone is to knock them off their perch. Good luck, though; even injured, teams still haven’t found a proper answer to Frank Nitty’s ridiculous handles and unstoppable will to get to the rim or the free throw line. They’re likely to beat up on the 0-2 No Shnacks, unless the Inland Empire team improves a whole bunch on defense in a really big hurry.

Problems: What should scare other teams in the league right now is that it looks like Problems is still figuring out who they are and who they want to be. Since half the squad comes from former championship Houdini’s All-Stars and the other comes from the original Problems squad that eventually broke up prior to 2016’s season, it seems there are two different, opposing styles being played during any given game. Coach Mark’s guys, big and tough players like Larry Anderson and Kaimyn Pruitt, seem dead set on playing a gritty, measured tempo, but former Coach Allen’s younger, smaller, speedier players, including “Swagg Champ” Antonio Biglow and Garrett “G-Money” Nevels, prefer a breakneck pace and stifling, full-court defense. Despite the disparate play styles, Problems pummelled the bigger, more athletic Clozers and fought the surprising Team Watson to a standstill. No offense intended to Legacy, but they’ll have to turn in a far better showing than their performance against the Jaguars to stand a chance.