Week 2 Preview

The 45th season of the world-famous Drew League is off to a rolling start after an opening week featuring a number of nail-biters, late-game heroics, sideline dramatics and a breakout game for one of the young teams making its Drew debut. Now that things have settled and we’ve had a look at the league’s new-look teams and returning squads in action, a better picture of the future of the season has formed and it looks like Season 45 will be one of the Drew’s best.

Week 2 action picks up tonight with a triple-header at 5:30 p.m. featuring some impressive and intriguing matchups, with both of Coach Pop’s teams, Jaguars and Panthers, facing off against some stiff and seasoned competition in the renamed Nation Wide Souljas and Hometown Favorites, respectively. It’ll be well worth putting off happy hour or date night to catch those two games, especially if all four teams bring their full rosters.

On Saturday, Redemption-Young Legends looks like the one to watch, after the Young Legends — who might be the most misnamed team in the league, with all due respect — turned out to feature a squad of Drew League vets with DeDe Prejean, Eric Williams and Keith Smith, who poured in 16, 17, and 13 points to spoil Spider-Webb’s debut.

Meanwhile, Redemption has reloaded with Top Performer and former league MVP Jonathan Gibson, who utterly snapped against Hoops Legends in their first game, dumping in 38 points including 6-of-11 shooting from 3-point land. The two vet squads will have a battle on their hands.

Sunday’s matchups include a surefire slugfest between Citi Team Blazers and Nation Wide Souljas. In the past few years, teams catching back-to-backs has become a less rare occurrence, but what is rare is teams getting a full Saturday to rest (or practice) before playing their second game. That’s exactly what the Souljas — formerly NWA — get to boast, and they’ll need that day of rest to wrangle with Blazers’ squadron of sharpshooters including Frank Robinson and Kenny “Action” Jackson, let alone chase Horace “Gingerbread Man” Wormely all over the court for 40 minutes.

However, the Souljas are packing in that area as well after picking up Trey Williams as an outside support to slashing guard Jordin Mayes. Nation Wide battled Pandas to a near standstill last week, and with their coaches hinting at more size and shooting coming in this week, they’ll be dangerous going forward barring chemistry issues. Expect a high-scoring, fast-paced game between these two teams.