DREW VIEWS: Divisional Quarterfinals

The Divisional Quarterfinals have concluded! On to the next, as a singular playoff win does not make a run. Here is a look at how we got to the Divisional Semifinals…

Salvatori Division: #4 BB4L vs. #1 Birdie’s Revenge (12pm)

These two teams met last season in the Divisional Semifinals, a game that saw BB4L remain undefeated in the end. Now, it’s Birdie’s Revenge trying to stay undefeated against the defending champions.

Salvatori division: #6 FootPrint vs. #2 Houdini’s Problems (1:15pm)

This matchup serves as the wild card for Round 2, as there is no recent playoff history here. This is FootPrint’s first season in the Drew League, and it has been a major success due to the Hamilton brothers, especially Isaac and Daniel. One year after Allen Caveness’ Houdini’s All-Stars and Mark Caudillo’s Problems failed to win a playoff game, the reloaded Houdini’s Problems went out and embarrassed Clozers, forcing ten first quarter turnovers before scoring 38 third quarter points on Friday.

Walzer division: #5 Hometown Favorites vs. #1 Citi Team Blazers (2:30pm)

Hometown Favorites held New Edition to 33.3 percent shooting from the field in a 67-64 win that gave Citi Team Blazers their shot at avenging a divisional quarterfinals loss to Dorell Wright’s Scrapes & Gravel last summer. After failing to score in the Drew League win vs. The Crawsover Wednesday, Citi Team Blazers C Malcolm Thomas went off against NWA, and he’ll be motivated to keep it going Sunday.

Walzer division: #7 M.H.P. vs. #3 LAUNFD (4pm)

The last game of Round 2 will also be a rematch of the 2015 Drew League championship. By record, M.H.P.’s win over Hank’s Panthers was an upset, but it certainly was a talent mismatch. M.H.P. built a 25-1 first quarter lead, blew it by halftime, then outscored the Panthers 48-29 in the second half. LAUNFD, the 2015 champs, had a less eventful time with the Bull Dogs thanks to a triple-double from James Harden (28 points, 10 rebounds, 15 assists). Save your batteries for this game.