2017 Drew League Divisional Quarterfinals Set

It took 156 games of regular season Drew League action, but the 2017 postseason field is finally set. We’ve come a long way from the first impressions of Week 1. Here are the final standings, with the top eight teams qualifying for the postseason.

*Note that the Commissioner determined the first tiebreaker to be head-to-head, and the second tiebreaker was point differential:

Hank Salvatori Division


Marty Walzer Division

The 3-7 seeds in the Walzer division all finished 7-5. LAUNFD earned the #3 seed due to head-to-head wins with the other four teams that finished 7-5 (New Edition, Home Town Favorites, Bull Dogs, M.H.P.). None of the remaining 7-5 teams swept or were swept by the other 7-5 teams, so the 4-7 seeds were determined by point differential. All other ties were broken by head-to-head matchups.

The 2017 Drew League divisional quarterfinals are now set, and will take place at Los Angeles Southwest College (now updated with times):


Friday, August 4  Saturday, August 5: #1 Birdie’s Revenge vs. #8 Jaguars (5:45pm)

Saturday, August 5: #4 BB4L vs. #5 LA LOOP (3:00pm)

Saturday, August 5: #3 IE No Shnacks vs. #6 Foot Print (11:00am)

Saturday, August 5  Friday, August 4: #2 Houdini’s Problems vs. #7  Clozers (7:45pm)


Friday, August 4: #1 Citi Team Blazers vs. #8 NWA (6:30pm)

Saturday, August 5: #4 New Edition vs. #5 Home Town Favorites (12:15pm)

Saturday, August 5: #3 LAUNFD vs. #6 Bull Dogs (4:15pm)

Saturday, August 5: #2 Hank’s Panthers vs. #7  M.H.P. (1:30pm)

Stay tuned for more updates and content this week.