Week 10 Preview

Hold onto your hats, fans! Week 10 is about to begin, and the field is wide open heading into the playoffs!

Here’s a quick primer: There are eight playoff seeds in each of the two divisions, and the teams with the top eight records get in. However, the fact that some teams will have similar records complicates things a bit. In the event that two teams with the same record wind up competing for the last playoff spot, the winner will be determined by the winner of their matchup during the season. With eighteen games to play this weekend and twelve teams clamoring for the last few playoff spots, the playoff picture is going to shift rapidly over the next 72 hours. In the event that more that two teams end up deadlocked for playoff spots and head-to-head matchups do the old rock-paper-scissors, point differential over the course of the whole season will be used to determine the winner. Here’s where all those blowouts earlier in the season can help — and hurt — teams looking to keep playing for the 2017 Drew League Championship next weekend at LA Southwest College. Read on for a quick overview of which teams are in, and which will need a minor miracle to keep their seasons alive. Only two teams are eliminated so far, and many of the rest will have to leave it all on the floor to overcome early season record deficits — but you all know how the motto goes by now, right? RIGHT: No Excuse, Just Produce!

In the Hank Salvatori Division:

The top six seeds are all clinched. Birdie’s Revenge, Houdini’s Problems, BB4L, LA Loop, IE No Shnacks, and Clozers are all in, no matter what happens. Birdie’s can move down, Houdini’s can move up, LA Loop can overtake BB4L if they win and BB4L loses, and No Shnacks can climb over both if both lose and they win. The seven and eight seeds are where it gets tricky. As of today, FootPrint and Jaguars are the holders of the last two coveted spots — dependent on a FootPrint win, which will clinch the Hamilton boys’ playoff berth, and Jaguars managing to win out. However, Jaguars’ spot still counts on two key wins: ICEO and COA. ICEO, Pandas, and COA are all still alive, but New Image and Juglife will have to be content with playing spoiler this year; better luck to them in 2018.

The Marty Walzer Division is even more complicated:

Only Citi Team Blazers, Hank’s Panthers, and LAUNFD are clinched so far at the one through three spots, respectively. Bull Dogs and Hometown Favorite’s share a 6-4 record, but both should be safe, so long as they handle their business this weekend and come out on top of their matchups. New Edition only needs to beat Ascension to make it to safety, but M.H.P. and Redemption (a team that made the playoffs with the number one seed last season) are both hanging onto .500 records and facing stiff competition this week. Number nine NWA can actually put themselves in a strong position by beating Redemption, the team immediately above them in the standings, then rooting hard for New Edition and LAU. Unfortunately for Legacy and Spirit, they’ve been eliminated from contention thanks to both teams’ propensity for iso-ball in late game situations.

Keep an eye on DrewLeague.com/games to see how the standings shake out. Also, tickets are on sale now for the rematch Drew League vs. Crawsover League: Battle of the Pro-Ams, August 2nd at Los Angeles Southwest College. You can find those here.
Get to the gym early Saturday and Sunday, it’ll fill up fast! Courtside seats are available with a donation to Drew League Foundation here.