Week 8 Player of the Week and Top Performers

The Week 8 Player of the Week is Lou Williams of LAUNFD. In his Drew League debut, Sweet Lou had the whole gym in a frenzy as he dropped 50 points (10 3-pointers), leading LAU to a 115-69 victory. With the playoffs near, LAUNFD is looking to reclaim the title this season after coming up short last season.

Here are the other top performers from Week 8:

Andre Drummond #15 – BB4L

Someone must’ve told Drummond about George Preciado’s list of top big men at the Drew League. Apocalypse made his season debut Friday night for BB4L and scored 33 points and 15 rebounds. He returned Sunday, finished with 35 points and 15 rebounds and played a huge role in BB4L going 2-0 on the weekend.

Rene Rougean #8 – No Shnacks

Rougean posted a double-double of his own (23 points, 13 rebounds) in Sunday’s 72-62 win over the Clozers.