Week 7 Preview

Drew League fans got quite a show on Saturday in Week 6, as Compton superstar DeMar DeRozan and MHP, and top high school prospect Marvin Bagley III and LAUNFD went at it it an epic duel that saw just the second 100-point score in the season, scoring 31 and 32 respectively. LAUNFD came away with a decisive 108-91 victory, looking once again like the champs that they were.

Elsewhere, we had exciting come-from-behind overtime victory from LA Loop led by Pat Rembert and Richard Solomon over a ferocious Pandas team that has also unfortunately picked up its old habit of losing close games in the clutch. BB4L and Houdini’s Problems took it to the wire as well, with Problems coming out on top 74-71, much to coach Huey’s frustration.

Birdie’s Revenge continued to steamroll opponents after a pretty harrowing near-escape from the Pandas on Friday night, crushing COA on Sunday to the tune of 19 points, 83-64. One other notable event: Coach Vince Camper, younger brother Julian Camper, and New Image finally got their first win of the season, putting together 32 minutes of solid defense to overcome Juglife, 78-61. With that win, the only winless group remaining is ICEO, which will probably have to win out to even have a shot at the playoffs.

Coming up on Saturday, the Clozers will take on Foot Print, and that game should be something special to watch; lots of young athletes like Chimezie Metu, Isaac and Daniel Hamilton, and Stephen Thompson, fast-paced action and a borderline reckless disregard for defense on both sides should give us a high-scoring game.

Make sure to show up early though. One of the most contentious teams in the league, the Bulldogs, will be locked in with a surly Ascension team at 12:30 p.m. Both teams like to play physically, with their hearts on their sleeves, and both have plenty to prove after losing key figures—Ascension’s coach Ice Lattimore has apparently quit the team, and Bulldogs excommunicated Big Body James Boyd, holder of the Drew League record for rebounding, for his attitude before last week’s games.

The big game to watch on Sunday might just be MHP vs. Hometown Favorites. Nick Young sat out the big debut of DeMar during the tussle with LAU, but I’ll eat my Drew League dad hat if he foregoes the opportunity to shoot it out with Dorell Wright.

Stay a little later on to see New Edition and LAUNFD go at it. A lot of pride will be on the line, as both teams hail from South Central. Both teams are packed to the gills with shooters and vets, including Bobby Brown and Baron Davis, whose matchup should be absolutely fantastic to watch. Don’t discount a return of Marvin Bagley for LAU, either.