Behind the Scenes of the Championship Game

Produced By: Law Murray

The 2016 Drew League Championship, John Williams Division Champ BB4L (#1) vs. Stanley Dill Division Champ #Juglife (#6), was played on Sunday, August 21, 2016.

The day before, BB4L defeated #2 LAUNFD in the Division Final, while #Juglife defeated #1 Redemption.

Hear from some of the figures who were part of BB4L’s 103-76 win to finish 15-0. Featured are:

Baron Davis, BB4L
JaVale McGee, #Juglife
Casper Ware II, BB4L
Sek Henry, #Juglife
George Preciado, Voice of the Drew
Pat Rembert, 2016 Co-MVP
Aaron Williams,
Chaniel Smiley, Drew League Assistant Commissioner
Dino Smiley, Drew League Commissioner
Jo Jo Evans, Security
Ceasar Morales, Assistant Coach
Desmond Smiley, Drew Crew CEO
Allen Caveness, Houdini’s All-Stars Head Coach
John Downey, #Juglife Head Coach
Derrick Huey, BB4L Head Coach
Keion Kindred, 2016 Coach of the Year
Dart Stamps, LAUNFD Head Coach
Drew Ruiz,
Taj Gibson, Chicago Bulls
Van Girard II, BB4L, 2016 Most Inspirational Player
Tim Johnson, BB4L
Casper Ware, Drew League Legend
Ervin Ware, BB4L
Timothy Meneghin, BB4L
Jason Beresford, DJ Young Free
Clipper Darrell

Audio Credit: DJ Hush, RandomBlackDude, Swizz Beatz