2015 Drew League Playoffs – Podcast: Behind the Scenes of the Championship Game

By: Law Murray

The 2015 Drew League Championship, Russell Brown Division Champ M.H.P. (#2) vs. Keith Anderson Division Champ LAUNFD (#2), was played on Sunday, August 9, 2015.

The day before, M.H.P. defeated #1 Hank’s Houdini’s All-Stars 68-65 in the Division Final (DeMar DeRozan had 32 points and 13 rebounds to lead M.H.P.), while LAUNFD defeated #1 Citi Team Blazers 83-72 (James Harden had 25 points to lead LAUNFD).

Hear from some of the figures who were part of LAUNFD’s 98-93 win over M.H.P. Featured are:

DeMar DeRozan, M.H.P.
Dorell Wright, LAUNFD
George Preciado, Voice of the Drew
Chaniel Smiley, Drew League Assistant Commissioner
Jason Beresford, DJ Young Free
Garrett Nevels, 2015 Drew League Most Inspirational Player
Vince Camper, 2015 Drew League MVP
Brandon Bowman, LAUNFD
Jordan Clarkson, Los Angeles Lakers
Aaron Williams, DrewLeague.com
Charles Young, M.H.P. Head Coach
Dino Smiley, Drew League Commissioner
Pooh Jeter, LAUNFD
Juan Davis, M.H.P. fan
Trevor Ariza, Houston Rockets
Brandon Heath, LAUNFD
Jerome Jordan, LAUNFD
Cuttino Mobley, LAUNFD