Help Is Coming

The 2015 Drew League is well underway, and there are nine new (or new-ish) teams this season: Pandas, I Can All-Stars, Salvatori’s Spirit, Legacy, Reapers, BB4L, ICEO, LAUNFD, and Hank’s United Ballers.

While every team wants to win, there are different ways to get there. And the fact is, every team has an opinion about whether to wait on talent to come later, or to stay the course. Father’s Day weekend marks the first week D-I college players can play in the Drew, while Pros can play on July 4th weekend.

Rock Johnson, I Can All-Stars owner
Vince “Body Snatcher” Camper, I Can All-Stars guard
David Hollaway, Reapers head coach
Frank Robinson, Salvatori’s Spirit guard
Metta World Peace, Pandas forward
Daniel Artest, Pandas forward

Audio Credit: Just Blaze
Produced By: Law Murray