Monster DJ Young Free: Bumpin His Music

Part of the Drew League experience is going to King-Drew Magnet High and hearing the place blown up with the sounds of DJ Young Free. One of the Drew League’s many sponsors this summer is Monster headphones, and Young Free is a Monster DJ, though Monster has no bearing on Young Free’s control of the turntables.

It’s midseason at the Drew League, and Young Free has a good idea of the kind of tracks he is featuring for all 28 teams on a week-to-week basis. So asked him to share his selection base as we enter July. You’ve been warned – DJ Young Free pulls no punches:


Cheaters “One of their players likes Meek Mill, so I give them Meek Mill.”
Problems “Lil Scrappy, ‘No Problem’, that’s their theme song.”
Hank’s Houdini’s All-Stars “They get all the hits, whatever they want. I usually give them some Jay-Z, some Sage the Gemini; whoever’s hot at the moment, I give them those songs.”
Hank’s New Image “Whatever’s hot at the moment.”
Jaguars “Anything from 2000. They get the 10 a.m. games and the 6 p.m. games. No hits at those games.”
M.H.P. “Most Hated Player, Swaggy P, you gotta go with some Iggy Izalea. And some West Coast; Nick Young likes to C-Walk to Kurupt.”
Sky Ryse “Future, ‘Tony Montana.’”
La Familia “It’s ran by The Game, so I’m gonna play The Game, know what I mean.”
Hard Times “West Coast music. No reason.”
Tradition “They get the old school. They play the 10 a.m. games – they get the old school in the morning with the old folks.”
Stingrays “Robbie Robinson and them? I give them a little Mobb Deep, ‘Quiet Storm.’”
APNG “… I don’t have a track for them, honestly. Whatever’s hot at the moment, honestly.”
LA LOOP “Some Rj. Some ‘Ride wit Me.”
#Juglife “Any trap music, so Jeezy, some Waka Flaka, or some Chief Keef.”



NWA “Something representing Watts. … A little bit of that ‘Hit Yo Ricky’ maybe.”
Salvatori’s Nova Stars “I give them some Rick Ross. That’s it – ‘Black Magic’ or ‘Hold Me Back.’”
C.O.A. “With Craig Smith? Craig likes a little West Coast, so I give them a little Warren G., maybe some W.C.”
Citi Team Blazers “Jay-Z, ‘Crown’ – only for the Gingerbread Man.”
Hank’s Cheaters 2 “Any West Coast.”
Hank’s Bulldogs “Something from Watts, something from Compton. Some Kendrick (Lamar), anything from Watts, maybe a little Glasses Malone, whatever.”
The Clozers “Formerly LAUNFD, their song last year was ‘Versace’ and Rick Ross’ ‘All Birds’, but this year, I gotta give them a little Ice Cube – Tadow!”
SoleClinics “Stanley Johnson loves anything Migos – so ‘Hannah Montana’, ‘Versace’, all that, for Stanley Johnson.”
Hank’s Panthers “Something from the early 2000s. They also get the 10 a.m. games or the 6 p.m. games. No hits in the evening.”
Salvatori’s No Shnacks “Any old school song. Only reason why, they play the 10 a.m. games all the time. They don’t get the hits in the morning.”
C.A.B.C. “They get whatever’s hot right now. I’ll give them a little Bay Area, sometimes a little West Coast. A little down South. They got Klay Thompson, the Thompson brothers. They’re from Cali, I’ll give them the Cali love.”
Robin Hood Project “That’s the D-League team of La Familia, so I give them some Game, I give them some West Coast – but also, shout out to Eastwood, I play his song, ‘What the Business Is,’ with Master P and Eastwood and Clyde Carson.”
Kings of LA “You gotta go West Coast. I’m gonna give them Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, D.P.G., the whole nine.”
Hank’s Spiders “I give them old school, because their coach is old school. 10 a.m. games.”

Law Murray is in his fourth year in Los Angeles via Philadelphia. He has been at grad school at USC’s Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism since 2012, and graduated from California University of PA in 2009 with a degree in communication studies. Law has also served two years in City Year and covered the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Russia. He specializes in breaking down teams and players on a variety of media platforms.